Digital Art Hobbyist

Hi, I'm Makku!I'm an autistic hobby artist. I mostly draw fan art of random things that I am interested in, but recently I've been trying to develop my own personal projects as well.Because of fatigue, my uploading schedule is pretty inconsistent. Sometimes I just lie down and do nothing for a month straight.Here is a list of my various links:
Art blog
Blog blog
Retrospring question page


Commission info

I will only take on 3 commissions at a time. If my queue is full, you may email me with an interest check, and I can let you know once the queue is cleared up.I work a day job and struggle with chronic exhaustion, so after accepting your order and taking payment it could potentially take me upwards of two weeks or more to finish your picture. If you are not first in the queue, please keep in mind the time it might take me to finish the orders before yours.When working on your picture, I will email you once I have finished a sketch and check if you want any changes made. You may contact me during any point of the process if you think of any additional details or changes you want made. I can make minor adjustments to the final piece free of charge.Commissions are for personal use only.
You are allowed to post or share your picture anywhere, credit to me appreciated but not obligated.
I retain the right to use your picture as I please, but I will generally ask for your permission before posting your image to my own blog and social media.


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General Guidelines

I am willing to draw
Fan Art
Original Characters
Shipping Art
Furries (My experience is limited, but I'm always open to trying!)
I will not draw
Problematic male villains
Excessive violence
Any material that might be offensive or harmful to individual persons or groups

Pricing and Payment

Prices start at $60 USD.I may increase the price of your request depending on multiple factors:
-Complexity of character design
-Amount of characters
-Ambitious composition
-Detailed background
Please be aware that I may add at least an additional $20 USD to your quote per additional complexity factor. I will let you know if your requested image would have an increased price.I only take payments through PayPal invoices.
I take payments in advance before I start on your image.
If I have not yet started on your image, I can offer a full refund.
I do not do refunds on finished images.

Example images

Simple images, likely priced at base cost:

Complex images that would be priced higher:


Please make sure you have read and understood all of the above information.You may email me at abstractcactus (@) hotmail (dot) com for a commission inquiry.Both visual and written references of what you want me to draw are helpful. If you want, you can also use past images I have drawn as reference for the amount of details or style of picture you want me to draw for you.

About me!

I am somewhere around thirty years old and I live in Sweden. I would be happy if you use it pronouns when referring to me.I like purple, cats and girls!I enjoy a variety of different cartoons and video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Touhou, Vocalsynths, Legend of Zelda, Precure, Splatoon, and horror media.I spend a lot of my free time sleeping.

I am not currently taking commissions

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or energy for art commissions anymore due to my job. I may occasionally open limited-time slots if I ever feel like it, in which case I will announce them on my tumblr and Twitter.